We don’t sell BS!

Do you know, we have 30 years experience of designing and production of DIY electronic sets?
From PCB through bunch of components togheter with an instructions to the complete device!

What we do?

  • Educate and equip young students in practical skills
  • Help to develop a passion for electronics
  • Support the professionals


NE015 set imitates lights of a police car. After adding DC with a value of 9V, red and blue lights will start blinking in an alternating order. The frequency of „blinks” is regulated by potentiometer placed on a PCB.


Universal one-sound signalling device of simple construction, small size and wide range of power supply 5-15V allows it to be used as a multipurpose device – „open door” signalling device, for instance.


On a small PCB with a heart drawn, there is 10 blinking diodes. Astable multivibrator built on popular NE555 works as a driver in this case.

All our sets can be found on our Allegro shop


What are DIY sets?
DIY set is a device to be assembly by a professional or an amateur. It can be a great tool while learning soldering. Each set contains PCB (printed circuit board), elements pack and an instruction. Sets require some basic knowledge of soldering.
Who is it for?
DIY sets are desgined solely for education and demonstration purposes. They are NOT to be used for commercial purposes – if so, the buyer takes all responsibilities regarding the legal compliance.
Can I buy only a part or assembled set?
We do not sell parts separately. When it comes to the assembled sets – look at our Allegro shop.
What skills do you need in order to assemble a set?
Soldering skill will be the first one to have. You could use some basic knowledge of electronics as well.
Where can i buy your products?
Our sets are available at our Allegro shop or at our distributors. You can always visit us in Słupsk, however before doing so, give us a call, hence we have to prepare all the parts for you.